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Roger Hernandez

The Pain of Planting a Church/El Dolor de Plantar una Iglesia

The Pain of Planting a Church/El Dolor de Plantar una Iglesia

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There are many books written about the how to, the nuts and bolts, the process of planting a church. This book takes a different approach. When we planted our first church I must admit I focused more on the process and less on the planter. My constant striving for visible results almost burned me out and put unnecessary strain on my marriage and health.

My objective in this book is to become your personal coach and help you and your team work through some of the pain that comes with planting a church. My goal is not to prevent you but to prepare you. I have identified seven pain producing challenges you will encounter when planting a church:

  1. The pain of leading
  2. The pain of failure
  3. The pain of family issues
  4. The pain of insecurity
  5. The pain of criticism
  6. The pain of preaching
  7. The pain of serving

My prayer is that we plant thousands of churches that are well led, sustainable and intentionally growing, but in order to have a healthy plant, we need to start with a healthy planter. You aren’t perfect, but you can be healthier. The joy of a new birth awaits.

This book includes both English and Spanish translations.

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