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Life in His Body

Life in His Body

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Here's your new field-tested guide to the cell-based church.  Life in His Body synthesized the inner-workings of a church comprised of cell groups that do the work of ministry, not programs.  It clearly communicates the keys to a vital, every-member-a-minister kind of church:  prayer, community, team evangelism, servant leadership, and vision.  Sprinkled throughout are lively questions and powerful strategies which illustrate these components.

Simple enough for the new member and meaty enough for the lead pastor, Life in His Body communicates to all and will be referenced repeatedly throughout your ministry.  Thousands of pastors have used this resource to help church leaders and staff understand the differences between a program-driven church and a cell-based church.  You too will find it helpful in your attempts to bring others to a new understanding of how to "do church" through relational teamwork and cell groups.

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