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How to Grow an Adventist Church

How to Grow an Adventist Church

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First, the bad news - part one:  As few as one in six Americans will attend church this weekend - which means the percentage of unchurched is at its highest ever.

And the bad news - part two:  Even though surrounded by the unchurched, the Adventist Church in America is barely growing.

The good news?  If our mission as Adventists is to be "fishers" of men and women, the fact that in the American "pool" of unchurched, five of every six "fish" are potential followers of Jesus should be encouraging indeed!  That America is now a "post-church" society means that the Adventist Church faces its greatest-ever opportunity to grow!

In this highly motivating book, author Russell Burrill - who has written extensively on Adventist church growth - sets forth an urgent challenge to Adventist churches to reach the legions of the unchurched.  And not those on the other side of the world, but rather the seeking, the searching, the empty who live just footsteps from the home of every Adventist.

In the shadow of each Adventist church are enough people waiting to be gathered in, to fill that church to overflowing and more.  And along with the call to do just that, this book sets forth the simple principles for making it happen.

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