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How to Ask Great Questions

How to Ask Great Questions

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It's not just what you bring to a group that makes a difference, it's what you unlock while you're there.

People remember far more of what they say and discover for themselves than what they are told by others. Perhaps that is why penetrating questions were such an integral part of Jesus' teaching style.

The power of well-timed, skillfully formed questions cannot be overstated. They can mean an information exchange and a time of discover; they can transform a gathering of acquaintances into a community of friends.

In How to Ask Great Questions, you'll learn when and how to ask effective questions, and how to promote follow-up discussions that will lead from good thinking to life application. Ideal for small-group leaders, Sunday school teachers, and anyone who regularly leads group discussions or committee meetings. How to Ask Great Questions will equip you to:

  • Build relationships between group members
  • Help people analyze a passage of the Bible
  • Draw out opinions, feelings, and assumptions
  • Bring discussions to greater levels of depth and focus
  • Guide people in applying the Bible to their lives
  • Facilitate problem-solving and decision-making in group settings
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