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Hope When the World Falls Apart

Hope When the World Falls Apart

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Help for today, hope for tomorrow, from Daniel & Revelation.

Daily stress, economic woes, world and national crises, Daniel and his friends grew up among the privileged of the land - secure in their wealth, education, and bloodline. A bright political future lay ahead, as Daniel was born to lead. With a sudden attack and turn of events, he found himself squarely in the middle of a conflict no one wanted. Terrorized, held hostage, and alone in a strange new world, his hope for the future had all but fallen apart. But somehow, he managed not only to survive but to actually flourish, and he received some of the most powerful prophecies ever revealed to man. His story speaks to our day and age. Exploring the Bible books of Daniel and Revelation, Russell Burrill, author of the best-seller New World Order, unlocks the powerful, hope-filled prophecies that can change your life -- even when your world may be falling apart.


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