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Against Great Odds

Against Great Odds

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Ethiopia 1982-1992

Even the persecution of an oppressive Communist government couldn't snuff out this evangelical church!

  • What do we have to learn from believers in Africa?
  • What happens when the very survival of the church is threatened?
  • How can small groups revolutionize church life?

The story of the Meserete Christian Church in Ethiopia is on of the marvels of modern church history. In 1982, this small church body was driven underground by a communist government. Pastors were arrested and public worship prohibited. Churches were taken over by the Communists.

When they were finally allowed to resurface ten years later in 1992, the church had grown ten-fold from 5,000 to 50,000. This miraculous growth came through a vast network of cell groups meeting secretly.

Against Great Odds takes you to Ethiopia for a firsthand look at this amazing story of courage, vision, and faithfulness.

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